Fresh Thyme
Fresh Thyme
North End - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
30,000 sq. ft.

Coolsys Energy Design have completed over 50 Fresh Thyme new store MEPR designs in the past 3 years. For one particular store, Coolsys Energy Design designed a 30,000 sq. ft. supermarket located on the ground floor of a five story residential building, which incorporates a parking level beneath the Fresh Thyme store. Based on the building layout the following MEPR design concepts when successfully applied Refrigeration system – Compressor systems are located in an enclosed area in the lower parking level with the condensers positioned outdoors at the ground level.

HVAC – Split system Desiccant unit for the fresh air dehumidification and conventional air handling units in a mechanical mezzanine space with and exterior air-cooled condensers. Cooking hoods exhaust through a side wall.

Coolsys Energy Design MEPR team coordinated the store mechanical systems requirements with landlord architect and contractors.

Fresh Thyme