COVID-19 Mitigation for Multifamily Buildings

Are you facing pressure from tenants to open laundry rooms, clubhouses and gyms, with equal pressure to keep your building safe from COVID-19?

With cooler weather quickly approaching (which brings more people indoors and removes the opportunity to introduce fresh air), many Managers and Boards are struggling to decide if they should re-open common spaces in their building. You are already taking special precautions within the building by asking everyone to wear masks and practicing social distancing. But is that enough? With mounting evidence that many viruses spread through the air, you’re now also faced with decisions about the health of your ventilation systems. How can you ensure safety while giving back some of the most sought-after amenities?

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In this webinar we will identify:

–          Opportunities to improve air quality and ventilation

–          Ways to mitigate the virus in your gym

–          How to control occupancy density

–          The importance of filters in common spaces

–          The role of UV lighting and other technologies

–          The importance of equipment maintenance

–          How to make it all work within your communities budget

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For nearly 40 years Allan Samuels, former Founder and Managing Partner of Energy Squared and newly integrated President of CoolSys Energy Design, has distinguished himself as an expert in multifamily residential design. A graduate of Oxford Polytechnic in England, Allan’s particular specialty, energy-efficient lighting systems, is only a piece of where the CoolSys Energy Design team can add value to the MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) design. Allan has been a member of CAI for over a decade and won “Speaker of the Year” award in 2018 for the New Jersey chapter.


Briana Walsh is the Vice President at CoolSys Energy Design. She has been involved in the multifamily sector since her integration into the CoolSys team nearly seven years ago and loves helping Property Managers and Board’s find solutions for their building. Specializing in bidding administration, she helps clients obtain and navigate apples-to-apples proposals from contractors for integrated mechanical designs (boiler replacements, clubhouse ventilation concerns, HVAC upgrades, indoor pool humidity issues, etc.).  Briana is multichapter member of CAI and proudly serves at the Membership Chair for the New Jersey chapter.