Our commitment to the MEP 2040 Challenge

CoolSys Energy Design is proud to pledge our commitment to the MEP 2040 Challenge issued by the Carbon Leadership Forum in their effort to “push engineering firms towards a movement to change the world.” The goal, to design buildings that will reach whole-life carbon net zero by 2040, requires starting today.

While our firm is no stranger to sustainably conscious design, this pledge pushes us to a higher level of environmental advocacy and a commitment to decarbonize building systems.

“At CoolSys Energy Design, we believe that making a real, measurable impact on the climate is core to our mission,” states Ben Rosenzweig, Vice President and General Manager of CoolSys Energy Design. “We have pushed the envelope regarding the specification of sustainable, low emissions, and low energy consuming equipment and systems since our founding over 40 years ago and have a renewed focus on decarbonization throughout the build environment.”

The pledge calls for a reduction in emissions from both operational and embodied carbon on all MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems. In the building industry, operational carbon relates to the greenhouse gas emissions from the building’s energy consumption, whereas embodied carbon refers to the greenhouse gas emissions arising from the manufacturing, transportation, installation, maintenance, and disposal of building materials.

The MEP 2040 Commitment

  1. Establish a company plan
  2. Request low-GWP refrigerants
  3. Request EPDs
  4. Participate in forums

For engineers, this means critical and conscious choices in all aspects of the life-cycle design. Advocating for clean energy production, reduction of water usage, and full-building electrification will help us reach this goal. Our firm’s longstanding knowledge of natural refrigerants and transition from hydrofluorocarbons (which have a much higher GWP, or global warming potential) as well as our significant experience in developing utility-grade battery storage for solar generation fields will add an additional opportunity for us to aid building owners in decreasing their footprint.


“By signing the MEP 2040 challenge, we are committing to the goal of net zero alongside our longstanding clients and partners. This will not solve the climate crisis alone, but it is a critical step we are taking to ensure a better, cleaner, and  more sustainable tomorrow,” Rosenzweig concludes.

At CoolSys Energy Design, we agree with the MEP 2040’s mission and that knowledge is the catalyst for change in our industry. We hope to educate as many clients and partners as possible about the opportunities.

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