CoolSys Acquires Energy Squared (July, 2018)

Acquisition Expands Spectrum of Services into New Verticals

Energy Squared, LLC, has joined as the newest member of the CoolSys family of companies. CoolSys has nearly 150 years of combined nationwide experience and offers a full spectrum of best-in-class service experiences and solutions to the retail, commercial, and industrial refrigeration and HVAC industries.

Energy Squared is a consulting engineering firm providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and refrigeration (MEPR) engineering analysis and design for all types of buildings worldwide, including commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality/entertainment/leisure, mixed use and multifamily residential facilities. Energy Squared’s team of professional engineers, designers, licensed inspectors, and sustainable design and energy professionals has designed MEPR systems for more than 30 years.

The acqusition of Energy Squared LLC will expand CoolSys’ spectrum of services and broaden their customer set.

“The addition of Energy Squared to the CoolSys family of operating companies is very exciting. Adding 100 engineers to our team not only significantly expands our engineering resources, expertise, and technological sophistication, but gets us involved at the inception point of projects in existing and new verticals,” comments Adam Coffey, president and CEO of CoolSys.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for Energy Squared,” says Allan Samuels, principal at Energy Squared. “By combining our team of MEPR engineering professionals with an extensive list of long-term customers, we bring a significant amount of synergy and growth potential to the CoolSys business.”